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Seashore Waste Management Division (SWMD) is one of the leading Waste Management, Industrial Cleaning & Environmental Management Service providers in the State of Qatar. Established in 1989, Seashore’s main Head Quarters is located in Al Khor, with numerous operational offices in Doha, Dukhan & Mesaieed.

  • Solid Waste Management
  • Recyclable Waste Management
  • Liquid Waste Management
  • Hazardous Waste Management
  • Industrial Cleaning Services 
  • Support Services

Solid Waste Management

Comprehensive Waste Management Solutions to handle 

  • Municipal Solid Wastes
  • Construction and Demolition Wastes, Services include collection, transportation, and disposal at government approved facilities


  • Place suitable waste containers 240L bin in strategic locations with color codes and proper labeling so as to ensure maximum segregation at source.
  • Provide bigger containers (12 M3 Skip ) with least height with color codes so as to ensure segregated waste is being dumped in the designated bigger containers (12 M3 Skip)
  • Using waste carrying trolley or manually waste management crew can dispose the garbage bags from multiple locations to designated bigger container (12 M3 Skip ) placed onsite
  • Once the 12 M3 RORO skips are full with the Ro-Ro vehicle respective skips being taken towards the compactor area.
  • Food waste and general waste loaded in the 12 M3 Skip having no recyclable material will be fed into the hopper of the stationary compactor where it get compacted to 3:1 ratio and being collected in the detachable compactor bin/container
  • When the container is full with compacted waste will be transported to the final disposal site.
  • Based on the operational requirement the same RORO truck can be used as vacuum tanker along with respective RORO tank.➢ Collection of domestic waste from different locations with the 240 Litres bin
  • Accumulated garbage from multiple locations collected in an integrated waste container 12 M3 Skip in accordance
    with the streams placed onsite being handled by RORO truck
  • Accumulated garbage from multiple locations collected in an integrated Waste container 12 M3 Skip in accordance with
    the streams placed onsite being handled by RORO truck
  • RORO Waste container (12 M3) & Drum Carrier for waste streams designed for RORO operations 12 M3 Skip filled with the waste being carried in the RORO truck drive onto the ramp facility. Tilt and feed in the respective hopper of the compactor onsite wherein waste is further compacted to 3:1 proportion.
  • Upon compaction Waste full Container being detached, lifted & cart away from static compactor by RORO Truck
  • Compactor Ramp for the collected material to feed the static compactor Hopper
  • RORO Truck carrying the Waste container and proceeding for the State Landfill facility for the final disposal
  • RORO Truck with RORO Tank being used as Vacuum Tanker
  • RORO Tank TSE , Oily & Sewage being used as Vacuum Tanker


  • Provide Integrated Liquid waste management solutions to effectively handle liquid/semi-liquid waste streams to government approved STP’s for treatment
  • Possess all government permits for sewage collection and transportation
  • Strictly follows Sewage Disposal Regulations


  • Seashore adheres to 4R policy and ensures minimum wastes are sent to landfill.
  • Seashore possesses all permits and agreements with recycling facilities situated in Qatar.
  • Seashore possesses back by entering into agreements with alternative facilities to thereby preventing from any hindrance to services.
  • Seashore’s upcoming MRF facilities equipped with waste sorting machines to sort incoming wastes for recyclables.


  • Hazardous wastes possess potential threats to public and environment and needs to be disposed safely.
  • Seashore possesses the require licenses for transporting and managing hazardous waste
  • Seashore possesses existing contracts with hazardous treatment and incineration facilities situated inside Qatar
  • Seashore in process of constructing own facility to handle hazardous wastes
    • Method of Disposal – Incineration Facility
    • Facility Location – Messaieed


Seashore multi-compartment waste collection facilitates sorting and saves space, time and effort by bringing a completely new type of recycling service right to your doorstep. with multi-compartment waste collection, we can reduce the amount of mixed waste and improve the recycling rate.
Multi-compartment waste container is used to collect four types
of waste in one go and the container includes compartments for:

  • Food waste
  • Plastic waste
  • Glass waste
  • Cans/Metal waste


  • Seashore offers many cleaning services for domestic, commercial and industrial clients.
    Tank Cleaning, Chemical Transfer & Dewatering Service 
  • Drain/Sewer/Grease Pit Cleaning Services
  • Hydro jetting and Desludging Services
  • Specialized Industrial Cleaning Services

TANK CLEANING, CHEMICAL TRANSFER & DEWATERING SERVICES Comprehensive tank/pit/pipe/drain cleaning services. Mobilized Equipment provide cost-contained solutions. Experience in treating tank bottoms, HC sludge, Catalyst, etc. Provide Latest technology for sludge reduction, non-entry cleaning and three phases residual removal at site.


Comprehensive Pre-commission and Operational cleaning services for piping system, boilers, towers, heat exchangers and lubricating oil systems

Our Expertise :
1. Ware-house cleaning
2. Bulk Carrier ship cleaning
3.AST Cleaning
4. Silo Cleaning
5. UST Cleaning
6. Sump Cleaning
7. Dewatering & Channel Jet
8. Pipe and Line jetting
9. CSE
10. Oil-Water separator cleaning
11. Wax Transfer
12. Offshore Cleaning


Provide service to carry out industrial cleaning of storm water, sewer, industrial drains and gas lines and potable water lines ranging from 50mm to any bigger size. Our state-of-the-art equipment removes a variety of materials such as tree roots, grease, bacterial cultures, deposits, drain skins, sediments, filtrates, incrustations, organic fouling, oxide layers, coating systems, sludge, cement slurry, debris silt, scale, etc. which in combination with vacuum/drain cleaning units removes unwanted materials without
confined space entry

Industrial Vacuum Tankers
Designed and configured for Industrial applications, suitable for suctioning, discharge and transport of fluids and hazardous substance such as liquids, sludge, slurry industrial effluence (waste ,spent oil, hydrocarbon of varying viscosities) Tipping system: Hydraulic tipping system of the superstructure at 100 inclination to ensure the complete drain of the products whilst discharge.

Catalyst /Inert Bagger
➢Designed for suction /discharge of Inert Materials
➢Equipped with circular vibrating sieve for efficient bagging
➢Fast & Ease operation


➢Supply of potable/TSE water
➢Road/Site Sweeping and Cleaning Services
➢Supply of Potable Toilets/Cabins
➢Supply of Manpower

➢Seashore offers potable and TSE supply services ensuring highest hygiene tankers. Seashore has a 24 hour service fleet mobilized for the same.

➢Seashore offers road/site/street sweeping, litter picking, beach cleaning services to industrial customers.
➢Highly sophisticated equipment for road sweeping and cleaning activities

➢Provides services to clean sludge deposits
➢State of the art technologies to fulfill client requirements



➢ CAP RECY 4100 CL is mounted on 8×4 Volvo 610 HP chassis.
➢ The new evolution combi units has the most sophisticated water recycling system , combined equipment for suction and transport of sewer, storm water and liquid waste of any kind
(nonhazardous liquid waste streams), hydrodynamic cleaning of pipes, channels, ducts drainage network, etc. Through high pressure water, and recycling system.
➢ The six-stage recycling system recoup ,the necessary water for jetting process including any water that is sucked form the sewer line/catch basin /storm drains and stay out all-day long
without having to stop” reducing the impact on the environment and extending productivity with fewer resource in economic way along.
➢ Advantage of high tipping system 2.5 meter from earth level hastens the material discharge .
➢ Sweet water saving
➢ Maximization of sludge tank capacity (filled by dry material only)
➢ Reduces down time of the vehicle
➢ Self-cleaning during working session
➢ High water quality; separates fats / oils from the liquids
➢ Protection of concrete ducts (no sandblasting action)
➢ No necessity of using single plunger water pump (low efficiency, high vibration)

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission To be role model in the waste management sector offering innovative & eco-friendly products and services with the highest standard of quality, professionalism and ethics for Sustainable Development. Our Vision Offer the best aiming at highest customer satisfaction ensuring quality, health & safety, productivity and environmental integrity.